Hi, I’m Susan!

And I'm RENEE!


Kindred Hearts Community Midwifery provides comprehensive prenatal, birth, and postpartum care all in the privacy of your own home. We want your experience before, during, and after the birth to be one of ease, joy, safety, and connection. Our dream is for everyone to know birth as a sacred and empowering experience for the whole family.

We are brought together by our dorky sense of humor and our deep, abiding trust in birth. We know that birth is a family event. Birth is a normal part of a woman’s life experience...not an emergency. And we believe strongly that every woman & baby deserves to be treated with respect, love, and dignity throughout their pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

It is our honor and joy to serve families during one of their most intimate times.  

We bring encouragement, love, and 28 years of experience to each and every birth.


Susan Quick Facts

  1. 40 years of birth experience - over 28 years as a home birth midwife. Over 1000 births attended.

  2. Completed Massachusetts Midwifery Alliance Training in 1991

  3. Certified Professional Midwife since 1999

  4. Licensed midwife in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.

  5. Co-Chair of the Delaware Midwifery Advisory Council.  She has worked for positive midwifery legislation in three states.

  6. CPR, Neonatal Resuscitation, and Birth Emergency Skills Training certified

  7. Native New Englander who has lived in Italy and Turkey

  8. Maker of the best pancakes ever (according to her three beloved grandchildren)

Renee Quick Facts

  1. Hot pretzels give me hiccups. It’s true!

  2. My hair was cut off in a terrible accident. I can’t talk about it.

  3. I have a strange myriad of skills including carpentry, shopping, cross-stitch, and pool maintenance.

  4. I have five daughters - all born at home.

  5. My daughters are my friends (just don’t tell their dad).

  6. I went to college to be a mom. My kids think it’s a real degree.

  7. I’m the Youth Pastor at my church.

  8. My daughters made me a desk plaque giving me the title VP of Awesomeness.


Kindred Hearts Community Midwifery works with wise and wonderful mamas to birth their babies on their own terms in their own homes. We want every mother to feel loved, supported, and empowered.

It is our privilege and pleasure to serve the Delmarva community. Whether you are currently pregnant or planning a baby in the future, we want to support you. Click below to make a date. We can’t wait to get to know you.