Susan is an amazing midwife. She is experienced, knowledgeable, passionate, and just plain fun to top it off. I very highly recommend her to anyone seeking a natural, home birth experience.
— Mattie Elizabeth Wilson
She has a heart of gold and lots of passion in her career. I have told everyone I know that’s expecting a child to have Susan by their side. Her knowledge is impressive. OBGYN didn’t want to bother informing me of important things so even after my birth she told me things that impressed me. Love her so much!
— Lynda Lenoard Sengebush
An intelligent, skilled, compassionate midwife. I got great care and fantastic breastfeeding advice that saved my nursing relationship with my daughter who had a bad latch. If I lived nearby and was having another child, Susan would be my midwife again.
— Holly Sippel
Susan helped welcome our son Finn into our hearts in the loving comfort and safety of our home. The experience she provided will always be remembered, a story told over and over again, as it is a true miracle to welcome a baby into this world. The complete experience from prenatal care all the way through to postpartum was what I had envisioned child birth to be, but was not sure I would find in today’s reality. Complete support, encouragement, and empowering ideas to make it the most amazing day possible. Thank you Susan!! You are amazing!
— Jenny Haught Walton
Susan is the BEST!!! She was one of my midwives for my 3rd home birth of my Ashley in 1997. Susan is SOooooo caring and sensitive to all your needs. Highly recommend her!!!
— Jo Ann Wescoat Skey
Kindred Hearts Community Midwifery is the total package! Susan’s experience and keen intuition together with Chloe’s extensive knowledge and gentle presence make up the ideal birth team. From the first moment they came into my home I had a peace surrounding my pregnancy and birth that was previously lacking. It was so amazing to have my midwives come to me for each prenatal visit and form a bond so that by the time to give birth came, we were all family!

I had a very long and difficult labor and delivery but there was never a time when I did NOT feel completely safe and secure in Susan and Chloe’s care. When we eventually decided to transfer to the hospital they acted with a cool head, and total wisdom and discernment to make the safest and most responsible decision for me and my baby. Everything ended up being fine and they stayed with me through the whole ordeal. I cannot thank Chloe and Susan enough for bringing peace and security to my birth experience and I will definitely be calling Kindred Hearts if/when I become pregnant in the future!
— Mandy Leigh Moss