We remember Lori Serabo, midwife and friend.

Dear Friend,

I miss you, I think everyone who ever knew you does as well. It's been a difficult few months.

Someone threw you away, I've thanked her many times. You were and are my rock. My person. One of the few people who knows all of me, the good and bad. You loved me anyway. We did most everything together. We worked together, we vacationed together. You held me up more times than I can count. You've seen me at my absolute worst. You pulled me back from the brink with blunt honesty. My life is so much richer for having known you.

I promised you I wouldn't keep crying, that I would remember all the fun we had. I can do that most days. It gets easier as time goes by. There are reminders of you everywhere.  But mostly they give me peace, they remind me of all the good times, the fall on the floor giggle fits. You are still here, if only in my heart and memories!