I asked a over 6000 home birth folks how they would describe their experience. These are the words they chose:

powerful. transcending. whole. purposeful. supported. empowering. healing. shalom. faith. trust. intuition. instinct. surrender. connection. intimate. peaceful. liberating. empowering. fulfilling. beautiful. amazing. natural. peaceful. privacy. freedom. peaceful. healing. empowering. instinctive. natural. spiritual. beautiful. empowering. empowering. instinct. natural. amazing. empowering. enlightened. fulfilling. elation. instinctual. empowering. intense. natural. beautiful. phenomenal. perfect. powerful. rewarding. euphoric. natural. autonomy. empowering. magical. perfect. empowering. miraculous. enlightening. empowering. beautiful. right. enlightening. powerful. relaxed. mine. amazing. raw. beautiful. ecstatic. ineffable. intuitive. humanizing. joyful. transcending. perfect. instinctual. peaceful. spiritual. empowering. transforming. raw. transforming. magical. truth. perfection. privacy. intimacy. peace. victory. peaceful. unhindered. uninterrupted. joyful. autonomy. empowering. wonderful. amazing. tribal. love. peaceful. healing. restorative. 

Sometimes birth is more than just a few words:

"Space for my mind and body to function exactly how they needed to.

O gosh, I was trying to describe the home birth in 3-10 words. But it was magical and so right. Everything worked how it should have. Everyone respected me. Everyone was quiet for me. I was able to let go completely of my concerns, I had no one I felt I needed to watch out for, no one else's wishes mattered. Protocol was subjective, first and foremost. I was the boss and I was free. Free to do whatever I felt I needed with nothing but supportive participants around me. I felt like a goddess and I felt in control and also completely vulnerable, at the same time because I was given the space to completely engage in the experience. There were no thoughts, no bothers, no actions without my consent. It was perfect.

And otherworldly. Nobody interrupted that. I couldn't be more grateful for the experience and I remember it fondly as an empowering event to have endured. I feel privileged to have gotten to enjoy that."  - Lyndsey K.

"Perfectly as I manifested; nothing but peace and love." - Brogan M. 

"The hardest thing I had ever done. The most amazing, truly perfect home birth after all that work! Turned my life upside down. I was soon to be on the other side, midwife....Truth! Perfection!" - Patricia E.

"The best decision I've ever made! Will NEVER plan to do a hospital birth again!" - Angela R.

"Being fully supported from beginning to end." - Casey S.

"The most difficult and beautiful thing in life." - Amanda Y.

"The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it. I Thessalonians 5:24" - Sarah S.

"Just a normal day, with a baby by nightfall. Wonderful!" - Gail H.

"Everything allowed to be as it should be" - Deborah F.

 "Omazing, tribal, universal cosmic connections, god and goddess, love!" - Katie S.

"Shalom (as in nothing missing, complete, whole)" - Amnysti C.

"total autonomy
in tune with self, God, and child
the universe has washed over and through me and, yet, I survived" - Stacy E. 

"How birth is meant to be." - Kayla P.

"It belonged to me. No one else." - Maria M.


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